Capacity:- 220gm
Make:- Apolo
Readability:- 0.1 mg
Repeatability:- 0.1 mg
Linearity:- 0.2 mg
Min. Cap:- 0.01gm
Display:- LCD
Pan Size:- 90 mm
Response Time:- 4 second
Calibration:- Motorized Auto Calibration
Tare Range:- Full
Operating Temperature:- 15 to 30 C
Humidity:- 50-70% RH
Warm up time:- 30 min.
Key Sound:- Yes
Weighing chamber Height :- 210 mm
Baud rate:- 1200
Class:- I
Interfaces:- RS232C
Data Output Mode:- Command and continuous output
Power Supply:- AC 220V/ 50-60 Hz
Dimension:- 220 X 360 X 345 MM
Weight:- 9.5.

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